Falconry Field Experience

Get up close and personal as Master Falconer Mike Dupuy introduces you to over 6 species of raptors and owls at his home in beautiful central pennsylvania. Get a behind the scenes look at the life of a falconer including raptor housing, falconry equipment and furniture.

Make yourself at home and Mike and his wife, Christine's farmhouse kitchen and Immerse yourself in the world of falconry through Mike's extensive library of falconry books, magazines, artwork and artifacts while eating home baked bread, soup and fresh local cheese and produce.

Get Involved or Just Observe
After an overview of the art and sport of falconry we head outside for an outdoor experience with the birds. An afternoon hunt may be on the agenda, or training flights with one or more raptors.

Mike invites guests to be a part of the hunt by following through the woods and fields of his property while helping to flush game. During the training flights guests can call a free flying bird of prey to their fist. Guests are also welcome to simply sit back and enjoy the view and take photos.

If you are interested in booking Mike for an event or need more information about his presentations contact us


Looking for something more exciting?  Join Mike and his wife, Christine, at their farm in central Pennsylvania and get a behind the scenes look at the life of a falconer.  Check out Mike’s ever changing collection of raptors and owls.

The day starts with an overview of the Art and Sport of Falconry including history, equipment, and how to catch and train a hawk.

Birds are introduced by Mike in his home or viewed in their hawk mews.

Then we head outside to experience Falconry and observe as Mike let’s his hawk fly free and hunts in the field.

Everyone is welcome to hunt in the field or watch from a distance.  Either way it’s a great photo opportunity!

Group events in spring and fall, private events are available year round.

Just 45 minutes from Harrisburg.

Beverages and a light snack are provided.

Local lodging available.