Criminal "Charges" for Following Regulation Found in the PA Code?

PGC will not release basic documents under RTKL

Middleburg, PA: February 5, 2015: When you begin your investigation after charging someone, much less not even referencing the applicable State Code, you are bound to get something wrong! That's just what the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC), Chief of Special Permits, Chad Eyler did when he rushed into pushing the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to charge Falconer and Raptor Propagator (breeder), Mike Dupuy.

Both Falconry and the breeding of Raptors is a complicated area when it comes to the law.  Dupuy pays $200 a year for Federal and State Permits specifically to breed raptors.  Back in 2012 when the Federal regulations were revised Dupuy found out he could take wild stock for his propagation efforts.  He confirmed this by calling his FWS Regional Office. FWS sent him an email confirming it was allowed.

Falconer Found Not Guilty Still Fighting for Rights

When will PGC release basic documents under RTKL?

Middleburg, PA: February 24, 2015, One week ago Falconer and Professional Public Speaker Mike Dupuy went into the Federal Court Building in Harrisburg to defend himself against Petty Offense Charges, that he illegally possessed a bird of Prey in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  The trial was heard by Magistrate JudgeMartin C. Carlson who pronounced Dupuy Not Guilty at the conclusion of the 8 hour trial.

Although classified as a Petty Misdemeanor, Dupuy and his family were adamant that he had to fight the charge because pleading guilty and paying the $300 fine could have meant the revocation of one or both of his, Falconry and Raptor Propagation licenses.

Dupuy, a falconer and raptor breeder, was relived to hear the Judges pronouncement concluding his 8 month ordeal costing the small business owner an estimated $25,000 in legal fees.  Turning from the defendant’s table Dupuy reached back and embraced his wife who had also lived through this twilight zone like situation with him.